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Sonora creates western-inspired footwear, made in Italy, with a particular focus on boots. A Sonora shoe is immediately recognizable by its offbeat design profile. Masculine or feminine come together, in a strong and precise aesthetic identity. Free, ironic and sensual.

Los Angeles embodies perfectly the spirit of Sonora. “La Città degli Angeli” is a place that unites the roughness of the desert, the laidback vibe of the ocean and the hypeness/glamour of Hollywood. A bombshell rock&roll street style!

It all began in 1982, with the American dream and the seductive concept of the city cowboys, who represented the most romantic side of the United States. Sonora was born during that decade, with a free spirit in its heart and Italian craftsmanship in its hands. Travelling all the way to the Mexican frontier, wandering the streets of Los Angeles, moving towards “Desierto De Sonora” (hence the name) and arriving from where it now departs. Sonora turned the boot from traditional accessory to cult object, returning in 2021 with a new project, born from that imaginary, but with a contemporary twist.

The Sonora personality is something quite unique to the footwear sector, as it ticks the boxes of both quality and a rebellious, underground spirit. Our customer is our muse. Our customer knows his own style inside-out and see our footwear as a seamless addition to their wardrobe, a statement that is both outrageous and classic.

Sonora is not only a collection of shoes, but a starting point to develop a series of community-based initiatives which will turn the Sonora platform into a space where culturally relevant topics and ideas can be exchanged and discussed.